Why do boilers need servicing?

 Why do we get our boilers serviced?  Having a boiler serviced may appear like an unnecessary expense.  However, if you leave it unattended even if your boiler needs a service, its efficiency will be compromised with every coming day and this will lead to more expenditure costs in its repair. Alarmingly, a compromised boiler can be dangerous, and it is a risk to leave it without proper treatment. Having your boiler regularly serviced (annually, for instance) will let a trained expert who can check if it is working as it should be – ensuring all the functions, specifications and parts are working correctly and safely.

Benefits of getting boiler services include:

·        Improved efficiency – therefore reduced cost in the general running

·        Everyday boiler breakdowns – problem solved

·        Risk of carbon mono-oxide release is reduced

·        Saved from many other health hazards

·        Saved from bigger expenditure

·        Validation of warranty


A regular service will improve your boiler’s longevity and overall performance. This helps increase the efficiency of the boiler and eliminates unexpected repairs or replacements. It also helps eradicate faulty boilers having any detrimental impact on health.'

AR Heating can also offer a range of affordable Service Plans.  We know boiler repairs and services can sometimes turn out quite costly although it is an essential part of a home so while we help you with the repairs and services, we can also ensure affordable repair cost. You will also get a fixed cost, no matter what costs we incur for parts or how long the job takes.


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