Winter tips for Central Heating and Plumbing

Frozen pipes and blocked drains are a nuisance at the best of times but what happens when you need them to be functional the most? The cold, dark winter months of the year are the times when you depend on your heating system the most. There are some dos and don'ts that you can follow to save yourself from this hassle:

1. Leave the heating on a timer when away:

If you are leaving home to visit your family or friends, going out on holidays or a business trip, don't forget to leave the heating system on a timer. This helps to avoid the freezing or clogging of the pipes and draining system.

2. Avoid littering sinks:

Do not put oily or greasy material directly into your bathroom or kitchen sinks. In extreme weather conditions, such liquids tend to turn solid and this may lead to the blockage of drainage pipes and hence disturbing the complete system.

3. Clean your drains frequently:

Even if you are careful about tip number 2, with seasonal changes, drains and gutters may be filled with leaves and waste that can accumulate due to windy situations. You should get your drains and gutters cleaned every now and then, just to make sure that everything is going fine and smooth.

4. Beware of frozen pipes:

With the drop in temperature, water in your pipes can easily freeze causing the pipes to burst. This leads to floods and damage to your important stuff. To avoid these unannounced expenses and worries, make sure you are keeping the pipes running with warm water or heat. This is typically achieved with insulation, which is available at any hardware or related store.

To conclude, even if you face any of the above-mentioned situations at an unfortunate moment, do not worry! AR Heating and Plumbing services offer expert advice and the best plumbing services so that you find solutions that solve your problems. 


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