We often wonder what to choose as our central heating systems: Boilers or Furnaces. Or to why one is preferred over the other. Let us go a bit through what boilers are, the advantages of using boilers, and how they actually work.

Boilers are nothing like their name suggests. Boilers do not actually ‘boil’ water to produce heat. It is a myth and here, I cleared it for you. Boilers are special-purpose heaters working to heat water. Unlike furnaces, boilers do not carry heat in the warm air, these systems distribute the heat in hot water providing heat to the radiators that are placed in several different locations of the house. When the water is cooled down, it is then supplied again to the boiler to be re-heated. Boilers fitted in homes mostly use natural gas or heating oil as their fuel to heat up the boilers.

Boiler systems are often referred to as ‘Hydronic systems’

It is really important to make a wise decision when choosing a central heating system for your home. It is always advised to take proper consultation in this regard.

Advantages of using Boilers:

·        Boilers use water to provide heat which is way better than using air as the medium to heat up the house.

·        Energy-efficient than the forced air systems

·        Lesser duct leaks providing fault prevention

·       The installation cost of boilers might be high, but it is a one-time investment. You do not need to worry about hazardous situations that other heating systems may incur.

·        They are compact in size so they can be installed anywhere even in the nasty areas of the house

·        Boilers are not harmful to health; they are safe to use with an environment-friendly mechanism

·        Using boilers as your central heating system allows more comfort and versatility by providing snowmelt features, zoning features, driveaway heating, towel warmers, and a lot more facilities to add with.          

      It is essential to weigh your options and seek the best advice in order to decide which heating system suits your house. Also, if you need to update or repair any of the faulty situations of your heating system, you should ask for consultation because it is a decision, if not taken properly, you might regret it later. 

AR heating is one of the best service-oriented company providing assistance and services based on the situation of your central heating system. 


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